Published February 26, 2020 

An Eggsellent Day in Guildhall Yard

by Pat Langford

An Eggsellent Day in Guildhall Yard


The 2020 Inter Livery Pancake race – By Courtney and Pat

Lots of eggciting (it gets worse) fun at the pancake race on Shrove Tuesday, 25th February, in Guildhall Yard. The competitors (or tossers as they were affectionately called)  came from assorted livery companies, who raced in their finery around the yard, frying pans in hand, with a required minimum of two flips of the pancake  for each heat.

The event, now in its 16th year, is organised by the Poulters, who supply the eggs, and is timed by the clockmakers, the (very loud) starting gun is supplied by the gunmakers, and the lemons are supplied by the Fruiterers, with many other livery companies involved.

The inspiration for the fancy dress round is in theory linked to the runner’s livery company, and when the ‘dinosaur’ was asked how this represented the Glovers, he not unreasonably replied that it is believed if the dinosaurs had worn gloves, they may have avoided extinction! The Plasterer was dressed as a pirate, and yes he explained this was based on a review of many quotes for plastering work!

Other countries may celebrate the start of Lent with flamboyant carnivals, but we have someone dressed as a plane racing against a basket of fruit, flipping marvellous, and all profits go to the Lord Mayor’s charities.


An Eggsellent Day in Guildhall Yard


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