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Church Walks

Six in the City are delighted to have been commissioned by the Friends of the City Churches (FCC) to deliver their specialist church walks throughout 2020.

These walks are for FCC members only so we strongly recommend that you join that amazing and worthwhile architectural heritage charity which is dedicated to preserving the beautiful and unique churches found within the square mile of the City of London.

See http://www.london-city-churches.org.uk for further details.

City of London Photography Walks

by Pat Langford

The City of London has 2000 years of history packed into a small space. It is incredibly photogenic with it’s stunning Cathedral, historic River, classical buildings and tiny winding alleyways. 

Join me, an award-winning professional photographer and City of London Guide, for a Photography Walk in the Square mile, looking for the most memorable and unique views to photograph. 

We will look for those different, Insta-worthy shots around St Paul’s Cathedral, the River Thames, some of the City’s mediaeval lanes, Leadenhall Market (famous as the setting for scenes from Harry Potter films) and the iconic new buildings where the big money is made. Just bring a camera of any kind. We’ll have a chat over a cup of coffee before going out snapping.

NB The weather needs to be dry for this walk. If it look like it is going to rain significantly, then I will rearrange it and offer you replacement dates.