Published November 23, 2021 

Smithfield Market Tours starting up again

by Pat Langford


Exciting news: Expert Guided Tours of the City of London’s Smithfield Market, world famous for its meat, are starting up again in time for Christmas shopping.

Smithfield Market is an architectural gem. Designed by the great Victorian Architect Horace Jones, of Tower Bridge and Leadenhall Market fame, it sits in a fascinating part of London. Join a tour and you will see the meat market in operation, as the traders come to the end of a day’s trading (they open at 5am to the public!)

City Guides will introduce you to the history of the area, including St Bartholomew the Great, which was established in the twelfth century, Bart’s Hospital and the site of many executions in the area’s gory past,  including Wat Tyler of the Peasants Revolt and William Wallace, perhaps best known as Braveheart!

We’re delighted that Two of the Six in the City Team are leading tours around the market: Do join them. Courtney leads the tour on December 10th and Caroline leads the tour on December 16th.  The tours start at 6.30am and end in a nearby café where you can tuck into a hot cup of tea and a fried egg and bacon sandwich around 8.00am. All in all, a very good reason to get up before dawn!

Follow this link to find out more and to book:

Workers in white inside Smithfield Market

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