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Gardens of Delight

The Square Mile is full of surprises. Perhaps you might imagine only concrete, glass and steel covering the ground, but in fact here are approximately 376 open spaces totalling 32 hectares in the City of London that include parks, gardens, churchyards and plazas. These  beautifully-maintained, small, high quality open spaces are highly valued by workers and visitors alike and offer an important resource for biodiversity in the Square Mile. Join gardens’ enthusiast Courtney Plank to explore a selection of these delightful gardens, whilst learning about the events in history that have led to their creation. Visit the ruins of Wren churches destroyed by the second Great Fire of London – the Blitz in 1940-1941 – which have been recreated as glorious gardens within the Square Mile. A highlight is a visit to a secret roof top garden to admire modern planting, amidst the spires of churches and the gleaming glass and steel skyscrapers. Closer to street level, Courtney will also show you hidden corners of the City where peaceful courtyard gardens provide shade and solace for those working hard at their desks. You’ll love the  beautiful planting , which has caused these gardens to be described as “jewels dropped over the City” .

If you also love  gardening, why not join The Friends of City Gardens  to spread the love of green spaces within the community.

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