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Please note that this walk includes Adult themes

18th century London was home to a vibrant gay subculture, with ‘Molly Houses’ at its centre. ‘Molly’ was a slur used for homosexual men and the term was adopted to describe the clubs, taverns or coffee houses where they met up in secret. The men who frequent the Molly Houses were mostly working class, skilled and unskilled tradesmen.

In the 18th century, being caught in a homosexual act or the act of sodomy, could have devastating consequences. It could mean time spent in the pillory, penal service, transportation or even a death sentence. The Molly Houses were often raided by the authorities, and London newspapers published the arrests and punishments of the clientele and landlords

On this walk, we will explore the Queer world of the Georgian Molly. We’ll visit some of the places they frequented, including the most famous Molly House – Mother Clap’s. We’ll stroll through Molly cruising grounds, as well as places of Molly punishment. However, we’ll also celebrate the rituals. language, dress, frolics, high camp and companionship they shared, despite the hostile environment in which they found themselves.

Join Patrick Molloy to walk in the steps of the Georgian Mollies!


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