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Private Walks

Six in the City are happy to provide private London tours for groups, families or corporate clients.

We are qualified tour guides in the City of London and can show you the hidden secret corners of London on a private sightseeing tour that avoids the crowds, suits your schedule and can even cover your specialist interests. 

We are happy to create bespoke private tours of the City of London.  Just tell us what interests you and we will create a guided tour tailored just for you.


Here are some examples of the tours which you can book as a private tour:

A Christmas Carol – the locations that inspired Charles Dickens

A River’s Tale

Alleyways, Coffee Houses, Wealth and Livery

From the Human to the Divine – Sculpture around St Paul’s

From Puddings to Poultry, Gherkins and Cheese

From the Romans to Rogers

Gardens of Delight

Highways of the Barbican

Highlights of the City of London

Introduction to the City

London’s Burning

London’s River, Tower of London to London Bridge

No Place for a Girl, or is it?

Movers and Shakers in the City of London

Playwrights, Palaces, Prostitutes and Piracy – A Walk around Southwark

Roman London

Royalty and the City – Power and Influence

Slavery and the City

Something Old, Something New

The City of London – Introduction to Finance

The Medieval World of Thomas Becket

Philanthropy and a Little Bit of Evil in High Holborn

Wander in the Footsteps of Sir Christopher Wren

As well as private tours, we run the above walks as public walks from time to time, so sign up to our Newsletter to be notified of when new walks are added to our schedule.

Contact us to discuss a private tour:

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